Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BR: The Truth About Forever

by Sarah Dessen

Oh my gosh, it's here! I was so excited when my brother texted me when I was in school that my books have finally arrived... Yes, it doesn't take much for me to get excited.

Anyways, I've been waiting forever to read this book, and I was sick of being 20th in line at the library, so I dished out a couple months' allowance to buy several books. I read this one first, because there's been a lot (I mean tons) of positive reviews on this, and I also adored all of the other books by the author. Okay, time for the review.

The Truth About Forever is a YA book, and is about Macy, a perfectionist, and her struggles to move on after witnessing her father's death a year prior. She "shuts down" after his death, and becomes a control freak, always wanting to be 6 steps ahead, have every detail planned, while hanging out with her braniac Perfect boyfriend, who's self-centered and goal-oriented. She feels constantly under pressure to be the perfect student, the perfect daughter, and the perfect person to deal with her grief. All the while having to deal with a work-a-holic mother who refuses to acknowledge or remember her father. Macy impulsively joins a chaotic catering service and works with a group of fun-loving people, and meets Wes. Time to sa-woooon. Macy opens up to Wes about her past in a game called "Truth", and with her newly-found friends, she learns to overcome her past and live life, instead of planning every second.

Meh, that was a bad summary, but don't worry, the book is awsome! I liked so many things about it, but I loved the characters the most. Macy strives so hard to be perfect, only to learn that she no longer wants to be. I loved reading about how she changes with the help of some friends. She's realistic, well-written, and eventually understands her flaws. Another character I adored was Wes, the sa-woon worthy love interest who's a tad out of bounds because of Macy's current conditions with the boyfriend. Wes really helped Macy grow as a person, acting as a catalyst for her understanding that Perfect wasn't ideal. I only wished that there was more Wes in the story, since the novel revolves more around Macy and how she deals with herself and her family, rather than a romance.

I also loved the minor characters, who played a huge part. Kristy, the impulsive, outgoing friend brings Macy out of her shell, while "monotone" Monica is so interesting, speaking dully with three phrases. I loved how Dessen incorporated such a unique, weird character. I liked Bert too, who is Wes' brother with an unatural obsession with Armageddon. Really cool.

Her family was really complex, especially Macy's mother. The family all has its own issues, and Macy constantly struggles on whether to leave her mom alone, or tell her how she really feels.

I also wanted to mention that I loved the ending. Don't worry, no spoilers.

9.3/10- because if you can't tell, I absolutely love this novel. The plot was great, and the characters were really well written. It reminds me a bit of Sarah Dessen's other books (and I think most people would agree), but her writing style is nevertheless effective. I read it as soon as I got home, and didn't stop for 5 hours or so. It's not really dark or depressing, and I would recommend it more to girls than guys. Try it; it is definitely worth it.

8/14 EDIT: I'm changing this rating to 9.2 (yes, I can do that! I make up my own rules!) because since I own both the Sarah Dessen books mentioned (AftR and TtAF) I reread them, and I find I somehow enjoyed Auden's story more than Macy this time around, so I changed these to match my more 'recent' feelings :) This way, Along for the Ride has a higher rating since I enjoyed it more the second time around.



  1. Guess what I'm checking out tomorrow?

    A Sarah Dessen book! Really, you are most persuasive. :D

  2. aww, I really really hope you love her books! (it's okay if you don't though) and reading old reviews is weird, my reviews have certainly changed :p


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