Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BR: The Summoning

by Kelley Armstrong

Like the cover? I did. Very alluring, IMO.

The Summoning is a supernatural novel, with the protagonist, Chloe, seeing and communicating with dead people. After a 'breakdown' at school, she is sent to a 'crazy group home' called the Lyle House. At first, the doctors tell her she has schizophrenia, but she later realizes that the whole House is a lie. She teams up with some other 'patients' who are also supernaturals, and try and discover the truth.

The Summoning is the first book of a trilogy by Kelley Armstrong, and the second book, The Awakening, is already availbe. The third book, to be titled The Reckoning is not out yet. I can't wait to get my hands on the second book, but unfortunately, I am 92 in line on the Request List at my public library.

I actually really really liked this novel. At the beginning, I was a bit creeped out (because I was reading about melting dead people at one in the morning, and I'm a bit of a chicken-yes, I squint my way through gory/suspense films), but it really drew me in and was so hard to put down. The author's writing captured my attention, and the plot was great. Although it may seem un-action-packed with the majority of the book taking place inside the Lyle House, Armstrong really managed to make her characters believable and different. Take Derek, a huge boy with loads of acne. Armstrong develops his unique character and past really well. Chloe is a bit naive, and previously attended an art school. However, she still tries to find the truth instead of letting doctors brainwash her.

8/10- because I liked the plot, the characters, and especially the writing. It was dark, mysterious, and suspenseful at parts, and really kept me hooked. I liked both the conventional and unconventional characters, and the supernatural theme (like not literary theme, but just the 'idea') of the book.
I would recommend this to both boys and girls, probably someone over the age of 12 though. The plot isn't confusing at all, and I hope that all the mystery can be solved by the end of this. It is definitely part of a trilogy, because you can tell by the ending that it isn't finished, unlike another novel like The Hunger Games where most ends are tied up. The ending is just the beginning of another adventure, which I cant WAIT to read.


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