Saturday, July 18, 2009

BR: Shadow Kiss (3rd Vampire Academy novel)

by: Richelle Mead

Whew, it sure didn't take me long to get the third book. I read it in PDF format on the computer, so I didn't really get the "whole package" of reading it, plus I had an inkling of the ending, so it did take me a bit away from the whole experience

But that aside, I still liked the third installment of the Vampire Academy series. I just hope I won't spoil anything in the summary, so I have to leave it kind of vague. Shadow Kiss takes place closer to Rose's graduation from the Academy, after the second novel's big incident (you guys who read the novel konw what I mean). She's now practicing being a guardian (like a field assignment before graduating) around the school, protecting her assigned charge. A couple incidents cause Rose and most people around her to believe she is going crazy (I know, that's not vague at all...).

Also, Victor from the first installment makes an appearance for his trial, and Rose and Dimitri's "relationship" also further develops. All the while, there is the constant threat of a Strigoi "coven" that may attack the school. I'm not sure what else to write since I don't want to give anything away ;).

Sucky summary aside, I thought this novel was pretty good. It wasn't as good as the first two IMO, because I felt the plot kind of dragged quite a bit in places. Like 300 pages in, I was getting kind of impatient for some intense action. Also, I didn't really feel Rose's character was developed as much as it could have, especially during the first couple hundred pages. She did grow and mature more, but not as much as I would have liked.

However, there were lots of things I really liked about the novel, and that included Mead's characters. I loved Christian, like dude, that boy is a badass/softie at heart... I really liked Eddie, Adrian, and Lissa. I can't leave out Dimitri in that description either :0. I really liked how Rose and Dimitri's relationship evolved. *hint hint*.

Another thing I really like about the series and Shadow Kiss is Rose. She had to face really tough situations regarding her life, and is faced with one of the most difficult choices she will ever make at the end of the novel. She also has to deal with her bond with Lissa, which can affect her negatively at times.

I know, I know, I have to deal with the ending as well. All I can say is "Shite-O, didn't see that one coming" (except I did, because of spoilers, but you won't). The twist was amazing, and it made me so sad, and I felt horrible for Rose. Like seriously, Mead, I'd be watching out for crazy fan-girls who want to murder yo ass. Gosh, people may cry, you have been warned. It really sets up some great follow-up novels now.

8.8/10- because I'm a bit biased about the ending (sue me, I got emotionally attached), and I felt the plot may have been lacking throughout a lot of the novel. Trust me though, the last 100 or so pages are crazy good and worth the wait. Just had to read through the first 300... But I also loved the story, where the story is going, and how it sucked me in once again. Read it all afternoon, and it was great. Recommend it to all of you, except you guys should read the first two novels first.

I seriously cannot wait for the fourth book, Blood Promise, that comes out Aug. 25. I seriously might have to dish out some money to actually buy it! That's how badly I want to read it. There have been 3 confirmed novels after Shadow Kiss, so I'll be pretty sad by the end of it. I am definitlely keeping two eyes out on this series.


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