Friday, July 17, 2009

BR: Frostbite (2nd Vampire Academy novel)

by: Richelle Mead

I read two thirds of this in the nice, air-conditioned library. Good times, good times.
Again, I was surprised by how much I liked it (I guess I didn't think it would follow up already-low expectations of the first novel). If you haven't read the first novel, I'm warning you that there might be some spoilers (I'll try and keep them supremely mild). Also, this review may be confusing, since I don't feel like recapping Moroi, Dhampirs, and Strigois, so you're on your own.

Well, this summary is gonna suck really badly. Basically, Rose is back at St. Vladimir's training to become a guardian still, when a string of attacks by Strigois endangers the students, and the royal Moroi families. She finds out that these Strigois are working in a group (which is rare), and are attacking different royal families, and Rose is concerned for her best friend Lissa, a princess. All the while, she deals with her attraction to her mentor, Dimitri, and her mother (a guardian) who returns to St. Vlads to help guard the school. Since Rose's mother was practically non-existent her whole life, there is some resentment there.

Yep, I know. Shame on me for such a horrid summary, grotesque, really. Well, I really have very little negative things to say about the book, and I really enjoyed many aspects of it. I really liked Rose's growth as a character and as a person, she learns to be less reckless, deal with her mother, deal with Dimitri (and other boys), all the while doing her best to protect Lissa. There was definitely less Lissa in the novel, something I kind of didn't like, and there was only an okay-amount of Dimitri. I liked Rose's response to her mother, and how determined she is to become a Guardian.

Usually, I fawn over the boy in the novel (like Wes, Eli, and all those other yummy love-interests), but I think in Frostbite, I liked Rose's story more than I was interested in Dimitri's good looks. I know, it surprised me too. I felt the author really did a good job depicting Rose, and her struggles and problems in her life. I really liked the Rose-Dimitri scenes, and the Rose-Rose's mom scenes.

9/10- because I definitely enjoyed it, and couldn't put it down. It was a great follow-up to the first novel, and now I can't wait for the third. Once again, Mead crafted an unique story, a great protagonist, and interesting situations. I would advise you guys to read the first installment first though, but if you enjoyed Vampire Academy, Frostbite won't let you down.

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