Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Movie Thoughts Archive

The following links are to some of my opinions on various movies I've watched recently. I'm not sure how long this 'segment' will last... The date in (parentheses) is the day the review was posted, NOT the release date. Movies are organized by the date I reviewed them.

The reviews at the bottom are the most recent.

Star Trek (11/23/09)

The Proposal (11/29/09)

The Blindside (4/5/10)

Julie & Julia (4/6/10)

The Hurt Locker (4/8/10)

Avatar (5/2/10)

The Cove (6/19/10)

When In Rome

Leap Year (7/6/10)

The Lovely Bones (8/2/10)

Inception (9/4/10)

Toy Story 3 (9/23/10)

The Town (1/29/11)

Despicable Me (2/5/11)

Unstoppable (3/28/11)

The Social Network (4/11/11)

127 Hours (4/12/11)

The Fighter (4/13/11)

The Kids are All Right (4/14/11)

The King's Speech (4/16/11)

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