Saturday, June 27, 2009

BR: Graceling

by Kristin Cashore

This book took me 5 hours, read it all in one sitting (like I do with almost every book); yes, I have excellent time management skills, especially in the school year. Please note the heavy sarcasm implied.

Anyways, I really really enjoyed this book. It's kind of hard to explain, which is another way of saying "I totally suck at explanations, despite how simply it can be explained". It's about a girl, Katsa, and how she has a "Grace". A Grace is like a superpower, like the ability to hold your breath, or swim. Katsa's grace is Killing, and her conscience is the catalyst for her changing the way she lives. At the beginning, she is used as a weapon by her Uncle (who is ruler of a kingdom, with 7 kingdoms in all). She rebels, in the company of a hott boy by the not-so-hott name of Po, who is also a Grace.

I loved reading about how Katsa and Po's relationship develops, and the general setting. Cashore creates a magnificent universe, with Kingdoms, politics, spies, guards, and all that medeival stuff like swordfighting and archery. Graceling reminds me of Tamora Pierce's books, but are just as good. The writing is good, not distracting, but may be a bit boring at parts.

I had a small problem at the beginning with how Mary-Sueish the heroine was, with her Grace, mismatched eyes, amazing skills, but don't fret, Katsa turns out to be an endearing heroine, who has problems and internal conflicts of her own.

9.2/10, because this 460+ page book kept me in my seat, for five whole hours. That's how good it was. Recommend for all ages.

Hungry now...It's funny how I get all wrapped up in a book, and forget all the basic things like eating.

Btw, this is my first 'official' book review, and I still find it very brief and casual. Any suggestions? Because in many book review blogs, they seem to cover a lot more information, and have a lot better insight. Also, I'm gonna add "BR" in front of my book reviews (durr) because this blog isn't entirely dedicated to reviewing books, so my nonexistent reader will know what's going on.


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